The 3 hottest home color trends for 2018

January 04 2018

A new year brings fresh trends, and it's no different when it comes to home decor. So what are the hottest home colors for 2018? Read on to see what design forecasters have predicted for the year ahead and get tips for applying them at home.

Color Trends for 2018

  • Darker is dominating. Gone are the days of playing it safe when it comes to colors. Instead, paint experts are encouraging bolder choices with darker hues. Setting the tone, PPG Paints was one of the first to release their new "it" shade for the year with Black Flame, a color described as a rebirth of classic black with deep tones of indigo.
  • Metallics are the new neutrals. Also predicted to be popular in 2018 is Pantone's Intricacy Palette, which features neutral metallics with accents of dramatic red and yellow. This particular look is especially suited for accessorizing otherwise traditional spaces.
  • Intense color lovers will rejoice. Embodying a contemporary spirit, Sherwin-Williams has released three bright color palettes for the year: Unity, Connectivity and Sincerity. From social media to technology, each is inspired by the qualities of modern culture.

How to Add New Color to Your Home

  • Use the 60-30-10 rule. The idea behind this timeless decorating tip is to incorporate your primary color into 60 percent of the room. Your secondary color will take up 30 percent, and your accent color 10.
  • Vary one color throughout. To create a relaxing vibe, go monochromatic and let your main, secondary and accent colors be varying shades of the same hue.
  • Find what feels right. If a formula of 30-30-20-20 works better for you, go ahead and break the rules. Just remember to take note of the color balance in your room.

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