How to Be the Perfect Host

November 09 2017

Whether you're throwing a dinner party or welcoming visitors for a longer stay, having people over often comes with a lot of pressure, especially if you're a little short on space. Here's some advice on how you can be a gracious host, ditch the stress and enjoy a good time with your guests.

Hosting Hacks for Overnight Guests

  • Offer storage options. Give visitors an area where they can store their suitcase and hang up more wrinkle-prone items. If closet space is tight, consider storing luggage under the bed and hanging clothes on door frames and handles.
  • Create a sleeping space. If you don't have an extra bed, plenty of other options exist to keep your guests cozy. Craft a mattress that you can easily fold away when not in use, invest in high-quality bedding for a blow-up mattress, or purchase a Japanese floor futon.
  • Anticipate needs. Offer towels and extra toiletries that your visitors may have forgotten. Also jot down your Wi-Fi password, make an extra key and share the alarm code so everyone can come and go as they please.

Tips for Entertaining at Home

  • Make some space. Create room in a hall closet for guests to put their coats, hats and bags so they can easily access them. Also, make sure to clear away any decor (like accent pillows) that might be cluttering up spots where people could sit.
  • Separate food and drink. Instead of placing your snacks and beverage station together, scatter them around to ensure everyone isn't congregating in the same area. Hand out drinks by the door and keep your food near the kitchen, or get creative and concoct a bathtub bar.
  • Use the floor. Don't have enough chairs? No problem. Throw down several cushions for an easy solution, and if you have a large coffee table, go ahead and have your dinner there as well.

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